Our Top 5 Speakeasies

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

evans_and_peel_detective_agencyYou must be interviewed and state your case in order to enter this speak easy situated in Earls Court. Evans & Peel is a basement bar serving up some of the best cocktails in London, hiding behind the facade of a detective agency.

Happiness Forgets

happiness-forgetsHidden in a basement in Hoxton Square this unassuming cocktail bar has bare brick walls, a limited number of tables and a select number of cocktails. The cocktails are not glamorous, daring or themed but are just delicious, well presented and thoughtful. A firm favourite.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

the-mayor-of-scaredy-cat-townIt is the perfect place to hide away from the world and waste a few hours. Their specialities are Bloody Marys but their other cocktails are not bad either. You need to enter the bar through a 1950’s Smeg fridge – which although fun, may entice unwanted tourists.

The Nightjar

nightjarThe Nightjar is a mixologist heaven; with a wide variety of unusual cocktails even more originally presented this is a must try. The brick bar in the centre breaks up the room into three and even includes a chemistry room where ordinary ingredients are turned into original concoctions in the ways they are mixed, heated and stored.

Worship Street Whistling Shop

Worship Street Whistling ShopSeats in this small underground bar are hard to get so book early. There is an additional fee to sit here after 8pm as there is live speak easy bands. The cocktails are theatrically presented with dry ice, props and edible items to suit the cocktail name or theme.

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