Chin Chin – Summer Coolers courtesy of 214 Bermondsey

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls has managed to get hold of refreshing seasonal cocktail recipes from Lawrence Mason, head barman at 214 Bermondsey.

At the forefront of London’s current gin revolution is 214 Bermondsey, the new gin and cocktail bar which opened its doors in March 2013. Even those who consider themselves gin connoisseurs should forget everything they think they know and prepare to start again.

214-bermondsey-bar-londonGone are the big name brands – choice is often more about habit than actual taste – and in their place, a globetrotting list of exciting, palate teasing  gin. Expect brands such as Aviation from North America, The Botanist from Scotland and Bols Genever from Holland, the home of gin, and even Jensen’s Old Tome, made down the road in Bermondsey.

The idea behind 214 Bermondsey is to show people the taste you can get out of gin. “No two are the same, there’s a variety of subtle differences, from those heavier on botanicals and gins with more citrus content and even fruit infused varierties,” said Nick Crispini, owner of 214.

214 bermondsey ginKeen not to mask the real flavour of gin, Nick and the team are even making their own tonic water because the quinine content of big-name tonics mask the spirit’s true flavour

The team have worked hard to create a list of gin cocktails that’s definitely old, new and borrowed in parts.

214 Bramble  (With Home-made Cheats’ Jam)

214 brambleIngredients

40ml Gin
15ml Sugar Syrup
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Fill a collins glass half full with crushed ice and stir in ingredients well.
For the homemade jam
20ml Crème de Mûre
Five blackberries

To make the cheats’ jam combine 20ml of Crème de Mûre with four blackberries and muddle really well. Top up Collins glass with a mound of crushed ice and pour the home-made jam over the drink so it bleeds through. Garnish with a blackberry and a thin slice of lemon.

214 Collins

214 CollinsIngredients

40ml Gin
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
25ml Campari
25ml sugar syrup
Shake these ingredients in a Boston cocktail shaker and strain into an ice filled Collins glass. Top with soda and garnish with lemon.

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