The Phoenix

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a nearby to my offices in Victoria and if any of you know Victoria, there are limited places to eat or drink out for that matter, but the Phoenix is a refreshing change. It is a modern pub situated behind the Cardinal Place shopping area and therefore not on the tourist route. This pub is painted white on the outside as well as inside and it is quite stark but in a good way. It has the feel of a beach hut and is uncluttered, bright and airy; which is good considering it can get busy with office workers at lunch and after work.

We ordered a light lunch of fennel salad, with chips and a carrot and coriander soup. The menu was typed daily on a thick sheet of cream paper and was placed on a clip board. They have fresh herbs and flowers on the table and as a rule, place a large bottle of tap water served in an old fashioned bottle on the table. The friendly waitress quickly took our order and shortly after came out with our food. I guess this place is frequented at lunch only by workers and so fast efficient service is a must.

The salad was full of flavour despite being so light. It had a mix of herb leaves and the celeriac and fennel gave it bite. There were a few slices of fresh red chilli that gave the dish warmth too. The soup was served in a generous bowl and was thick and earthy. The coriander lacked strength, which was a shame but the carrot was sweet and delicious. The chips were thick and extremely fluffy in the middle. I have to say I do not like chips per se but theses really were hard to resist.

For a lunch venue in Victoria you could do worse than have this as your regular. The food is fresh, top quality and well presented. The staff are friendly al beit busy and the atmosphere is easygoing and casual. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls therefore awards The Phoenix with:

             Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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  1. Wow, looks really good. I always struggle to find somewhere ‘unchain’ like in Victoria when waiting for a coach (I’m back and forth a lot for work). Got to give this place a go!

    FoodNerd x

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