The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

the-mayor-of-scaredy-cat-townWe have reviewed the Breakfast Club in an earlier post, gave it a thumbs up and referenced a secret bar there. Now that it is well established and well known we feel we can reveal its existence on the blog. As any of you who have been to the Breakfast Club will know there is always a long queue, but if you are in the know (or have read this post and want to give it a go) in The Spitalfield’s Breakfast Club you can ask to be taken to the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town and skip the queue. Ok I admit you will be given the evil eye by those waiting in the queue (I have even been called names for pushing in) but it is much better than queuing outside.

SmegYou are then taken through the Smeg fridge, which before you know would never guess it is a secret door to an underground bar. You are then taken down a black staircase with a neon sign stating ‘Thrills’, pointing downstairs. As you enter this speakeasy you instantly feel like a life of worries has been taken off your shoulders. It is a small speakeasy with wooden benches and tables and small sofas in a corner. The room is full of quirky decorations such as a moose head with sunglasses on, a picture of the queen with a moustache, a ‘no heavy petting’ sign and a picture of Miss Scardy Cat 1987. The music is as quirky as the decoration and is upbeat, fun but not too loud. On the tables are cat bowls with candles inside and tins of Scardy Cat food, which are empty except for having the menu inside. The menu is pretty much the same as the Breakfast club so I won’t go into detail again but the food every time is of the highest standard, with large portions and top grade ingredients. We ordered the salmon and scrambled eggs and the hash browns with chorizo. Delicious. We also ordered two cocktails a Paddington’s Punch (a gin and marmalade cocktail) and a Bloody Mary.

There are rules  to Scaredy Cat, the best being:

 ’Only ever use the Smeg on your first entry of the day. Never depart Scaredy Cat Town via the fridge in The Breakfast Club. Instead leave by the door on the left at the top of the stairs and through the toilets. Act nonchalantly as if you’ve just had a pee. Gentleman, you are advised to leave your fly down to add to the charade. Ladies, if you’d leave your skirtin your knickers, it would be greatly appreciated.’

The staff are relaxed, pleasant and smart – very East End. This place is fun, relaxed and time just flies by. You have no phone signal and really it feels like you could hide from the rest of the world here for hours. Sex Drugs and Bcaon Rolls has to give the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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