Basic Cocktail-Designing Principles:

Enjoy making cocktails but feel like they never look or taste as professional as you would like? Simply follow these simple rules and you are sure to impress friends, family and maybe even yourself. Happy cocktail making!

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  • Have a clear idea of what you want to create and the basic flavors. Then think of ingredients that complement the main flavors. (Like cooking by feel, this skill comes with practice.)
  • Short cocktails (those served straight up in a “martini” glass) are generally 4 ounces total: 3 ounces ingredients – plus 1 ounce of water dilution created by shaking or stirring the ice.
  • Remember balance: Use equal parts of sweet and sour, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic components (where applicable).
  • Shake drinks containing juice or (non-carbonated) mixer. Remember to stir drinks that are 100% alcohol.
  • Always use fresh ingredients such as juices, etc., Pre-made mixes have an artificial after taste – not nice.
  • Use large cubes for shaken and stirred cocktails.
  • Remember the small things. A drop of bitters or a twist of lemon or lime rubbed around the edge of the glass and then dropped into the drink can make a world of difference.
  • Make sure it looks the part – pineapple wedges, a spring of mint of a scattering of berries can make the cocktail not just taste but look good enough to eat literally.

Sit back end enjoy.

cocktail 1

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