strongroomMy friend suggested meeting at Strongroom for food and drinks after work (last time we did drinks without food, which resulted in a very poorly head at work the next day). This bar is based in Shoreditch and hidden behind a wooden yard door. There is a nice pub outdoor seating area if the sun is shining and for the rainy days, there is plenty of room since the venue is on two floors. The bottom floor is a bar and a stage for Indie/Rock bands (although the night we were there it was a special Country and Western band…). Upstairs is another bar with a number of comfy brown leather sofas. There are also a few wooden tables and chairs – simple yet effective.

We managed to get one of the sofas, which unfortunately we had to share with a very passionate couple (yes I did end up shouting get a room very loudly). The menus are written on thick ivory paper and are simple yet well thought out, especially for a casual pub/indie bar.

Service is limited to physically going to the bar, queuing and ordering off the menu – not ideal but bar staff have a smile on their face.

We both went for the Moroccan Mixed Grill with Saffron Chicken, lamb kofte, merguez, harissa, tabbouleh and sourdough flatbread. If I was the chef, I would have created this as a platter to share but we had this separately – not a problem just a detail that would have looked a little bit more thoughtful.

The kofte was small and dry, however the chicken was just saved from being over done and was served on the bone – a nice touch. The harrissa was the shining star, which was vibrant green, zingy and over flowing in the bowl. It was a shame that the dips out shone the meat.

I feel it’s a little unfair to judge this place as a ‘true restaurant’ as this was more of a ‘soak up alcohol’ option but felt that it did itself justice as a casual, Indie bar. As a result Sex drugs and Bacon Rolls give Strongroom.

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

1 Star1 Star1 Star

strong room sofa

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