Wall Street Journal Wine Tasting Event

wsj1We were invited by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for wine tasting at the Sky Lounge at National Theatre as we were members (I say that but I was a +1 and everyone we met seemed to be through a third party source…)

We climbed the three or four flights of stairs and made it to the outside terrace of the sky lounge. There were waitresses waiting with a range of red, white and rose wines. To me this is a bad thing before win e tasting as we got through a good three or four glasses before we went into the wine tasting that dulled the taste buds.

The outside terrace overlooks the Thames, St Paul’s cathedral and Embankment bridge and to our left was the eye – absolutely fantastic!

We were then chauffeured into the indoor area and were seated at random (except for the prime front tables which were full of WSJ and the wine valley owners). We were worried this would be commercial but in the end found that the WSJ wine columnist spoke more than the wine maker. He did go on I have to say.

We tried three whites, three reds a port and a sweet wine. There was a poor attempt with a wine pot to spit but I didn’t see a single sole doing that. Once the vineyard owner did have a chance to speak he explained about the unusual wine in the French valley in a thick but understandable accent. The WSJ columnist butted in on best way to taste wine in which the owner agreed although had a far more casual way of tasting and explaining the style.

Needless to say we were quite tipsy once leaving and lost the sense of our taste buds after the third or fourth glass in the room (as we had drank on the terrace before.) The vineyard owner grew a bit more confidence as the evening wore on and finally managed to butt in on the WSJ journalist. Despite his deflated his ego he kept on message and on track and it ended a surprisingly good night.

   Over all experience

3 Stars

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