The Guardian Café

Guardian cafe

The Guardian has a pop up coffee shop in Box Park Shoreditch. Other than a great PR stunt that caused a flurry of hashtag tweets #guardiancoffee for a couple of day’s even wee, this place is a great place to grab a quiet coffee. This café is open for another couple of months if you haven’t been there yet and we have to say it’s definitely worth a visit. Ok it is a self devoting; having the Twitter handles of technology journalists on the glass walls and even pictures of the journalists and newspaper logo in blue and white on the wall paper. Shoreditch is where Tech City is based however we doubt that they frequent the café very often but at least the location does make sense.

Anyway the café is light; the mellow paper and the light pine tables makes the boxy space seem bright and much bigger. They offer a small selection of cake and juices along with some fantastic coffee. Served in little glass cups the coffee has the perfect leaf shape on top of the lattes and the black coffee is strong and nutty. The organic juices are from well known but small farmer brands and we would have liked to see some more freshly pressed juices. The small yet ample selection of food and drinks pleased us and we sat playing on the iPad’s that are installed into the tables for people to work, play or search while enjoying a coffee. This place is perfect in terms of location (between Liverpool and Shoreditch-Hoxton) and has a casual vibe that is intuitive to working or catching up with friends. Oh and the coffee is damn good too.

4 Stars

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