Nude Espresso

Nude pics 31.jpg

Nude Espresso is a small little coffee shop that is tucked on a side street that leads onto Brick lane. They serve coffee, cakes as well as a hot and cold brunch menu. The café stands out as it has a shiny lacquered exterior and inside open brick work. The cold salads are open on the counter along with a large selection of cakes and biscuits to tempt those customers walking past the counter to grab a precious seat. Thick creamy white menus are placed at customers tables for the hot food options. The area is quite small so customers often have to push through those having take a ways or paying at the counter but once inside you feel a mile away from the hustle of brick lane and nearby Spitalfields. This post is dedicated to coffee shops and so we did not try the food but the coffee was delicious, strong, nutty and creamy. The latte had the same leaf shape on the latte, the same old fashioned coffee grinder and I swear the same waitress – although I cannot be sure – as the Guardian café (reviewed here) so I think that this must be providing the temporary service in the pop-up mentioned above.

We sat on a large wooden table at the end of the café which was shared with a number of other friends and couples. This place as I said is small so we imagine at weekends it’s hard to find a seat, but as it was mid week we managed to squeeze comfortably on the end of the table. Service and atmosphere is very east end cool but without the pretentious and try hard edge.

4 Stars
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