The Door – Oyster Bar & Grill


We had intended just to go for a quick drink in the city after work but our rumbling stomachs got the better of us and we decided to find the nearest quiet restaurant that would suit our needs. We had intended to go out for a catch up with friends but being in the city on a week night we inevitably ended up being surrounded by lots of young ‘suits’ who were rowdy and we couldn’t hear ourselves think let alone ‘catch up’.

We chose The Door, a steak and oyster restaurant nearby that seemed fairly quiet and had a decently priced menu offering. We were welcomed by an elderly gentleman who took our coats and lead us up the wrought iron stair case. Downstairs there was a bustling restaurant that was hid behind a wonderful bar that had sparkling mirrors, champagne and a white bar surface. This place felt mystical and would certainly be a great date or special occasion restaurant.

Up the stairs was a smaller restaurant that was darkly lit and very grand. It was in the style of an old fashioned steak brassiere serving the rich older bankers so its location was perfect. We sat by the balcony overlooking the restaurant and bar below. We were given two menus one with the steak and oysters and another more varied menu that was short but had well priced dishes (almost like a pre-theatre menu without the labeling and timing limitations).

We ordered a glass of sauvignon blanc each and went straight for the main course (as we had not planned to eat out we thought we would skip starter). Two of us ordered the green Thai curry with chicken and my other friend went for the chicken ceaser salad. The waitress was knowledgeable yet professional and did not interrupt our conversations constantly as some tend to do.

My Thai green curry was nice although lacked flavour and needed more chicken to make the meal more hearty. The rice was served in little bamboo pots which we thought were a nice touch. The ceasar salad looked delicious with thick pieces of chicken that had been torn and placed on the salad. The sauce was not too thick (I prefer it less thick) and had a dusting of parmesan. The parmesan was fresh and pungent just how I like. The salad really did show what class this restaurant was in. To make a simple salad delicious and memorable is a challenge.

We drained our wine and headed home satisfied with our find. This place places quality at the forefront of what it does without being pretentious or over priced where many of the city restaurants fall down on. We will certainly make an effort to come back and try a steak next time we are in the area and want a classy yet tasty meal as they looked delicious. My curry lacked flavour but the salad was great and to be fair their specialty was steak at the end of the day. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls give this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars


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