The Liberty of Folgate

liberty of folgate

This café is situated on Bishopsgate under a large glass building that looks very corporate and financial. The Liberty of Folgate is a large café that almost looks like it is two separate shops from the outside as there is a counter that splits it in the middle. Despite being situated in and around the corporate/financial district this place tries to be any thing but. The front facing walls are completely glass allowing passers by to see straight in at the stark white interior – very Shoreditch. The team serve coffee and cakes but it gets a little crowded by the hippy Hoxton waiters who seem to be more interested in catching up on the latest gossip. When we did manage to get their attention, they did served a jug of water while we ordered, which is a nice show of effort.

The latte was served in a glass cup with just the right amount of foam but no funky shape on top (but that can be forgiven of course.) The mint tea was served in an individual tea pot and had loose mint leafs inside. Fresh and the mint flavour packed a punch. We found it hard to get the attention of the waiter when ordering drinks and again when asking for the bill (so much so we went to the counter to pay). If a café does not want to have the hassle of table service that is fine with me but don’t do a half arsed attempt.

Its a valid point that this café tries to be so cool and trendy however in its location – in the city, under a corporate looking building and surrounded by banking institutions is probably not the best choice of location for a café that tries so hard to be ‘Hoxton cool’. Maybe a disused garage or run down quaint café would have worked better. To sum up the Liberty of Folgate was trying to provide a simple service but trying to hard to be simple.

2 Stars

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