Byron Burger – Leicester Square


Before I start I just want to say I do not particularly like burgers (unless I cook them myself) and have never ate one in a restaurant or chain since I was eight. Anyway we decided to go to this place for two reasons. Firstly because we went to see the eight and a half hour play ‘Gadz’ (yes I said eight and a half hours) and there was a dinner break and Byron is very close. Secondly everyone who I know that has been to ‘Gadz’ has said they ate there and it was lovely.

So after four and a half hours of the theatre and another four hours to go, we wandered into Byron’s. This place has an American dinner theme to it with the open kitchen at one end and a very roomy feel. The walls are yellow with stark white tiles and there a curved leather sofas around the room with wooden tables and chairs in the middle. We were sat next to the kitchen hatch. The tables are fairly close together but not so much that you feel uncomfortable or crammed.

On the menu there is a choice of eight different types of burgers with a number of side options. I ordered the ‘Skinny Burger’ which did not have a bun. I ordered this medium rare and with a field mushroom and roasted red pepper. My fellow diner ordered the chicken burger and we had coleslaw and courgette fries to share.

I ordered a coke and my friend ordered a thick vanilla milkshake. However the milkshake did not arrive until half way through our meal as the waiter in charge of making this became preoccupied and seemed to have forgotten it. As the small bar is a table in the corner of the restaurant we could see that this was the case.

The burgers came out on stark white plates garnished with a side salad. My burger looked as though it was mass produced, I had expected it to be round and rusticly handmade. Instead it was large and thin and although I asked for it medium rare it was cold in the middle. The beef was not chunky and meaty and looked a rather unappetizing white/pinkish hue. I liked the fact that you can add additional toppings to the burgers and the mushroom and red pepper really saved this dish. The chicken burger looked more home made, with butterflied chicken in a lemon and oregano dressing. The sides were delicious as well. The coleslaw was thick and creamy and the courgettes frites were long thin slithers that were in a tempura batter.

The service was impersonal, forgetful and too quick for comfortable eating. The food was average and I was mildly disappointed with mine and the cold almost sterile atmosphere did not help this place. I do not think the recommendations were deserved. As a result sex drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this gourmet burger chain:

              Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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