The Disappearing Dining Club‏


This is a nomadic restaurant that pops up in different areas of the city for a temporary period. When we visited it was hidden at the back of a clothes shop in Brick lane. Do not get this mixed up with an Indian Curry House which Brick Lane is renowned for. Instead this supper club serves fusion European meals with a twist.

It was tricky to find as a lot of the shops leave their lights on and people were still in a number. Fortunately a gentleman outside smoking asked if we were after the dining club and showed us to the back of the restaurant. The dining club is a stark contrast to the bright modern shop. The small room is light only by candle light giving it an intense atmosphere. Décor is of old TV’s, 1950’s furniture and the tables are all very much a mish mash.

We were seated on the long table that was shared with other couples, as this is such a unique experience, diners did acknowledge each other which are a nice change. As it was a special occasion and was not over priced, we decided to go for the six course tasting menu with the three cocktails to complement included.

We started with the Vodka Fizz cocktail and we were served fresh bread basic with butter. We also ordered a bottle of wine to keep us going through the six courses. Courses are served quickly and not in a set order – obviously starts come first and dessert last but the starting dishes may come out in different orders to the couples next to you. We started with the spiced sweet corn soup that was served in delicate little glass cups with gold detail around. This was piping hot, smooth, and sweet yet slightly spiced with cumin. Next was the black bream a la grecque which was served with croutons. The bream was most yet crispy on the top. I loved this dish so much that I was sad to finish the last bite. Praise indeed!

We were then served parma ham & green bean roulade; the parma ham salty, slightly smokiness contrasted well with the green bean roulade which was creamy and very indulgent. This had a basil dressing that was a nice accompaniment – not too overpowering which basil can be.

After we had the starter dishes we were then served with our next cocktail and we waited for the mains to arrive. Service was simple yet very friendly. If we wanted anything all we had to do was ask the three or four serving staff/waiters/chefs who kept popping in and out of the door to our left. It seemed an ‘all chip in’ occasion and this made for a relaxing, casual atmosphere.

For main course we had smoked salmon & asparagus risotto with scallops & prawns, this was one of my favourite dishes served in a stark white bowl and packed full of seafood. The risotto had bite and was creamy with a saffron bite.

Then out came the roast pork belly, which was served with vegetables and a cauliflower & apple purée. The pork was served on a bed of roasted vegetables and with the puree around the dish. It looked and tasted incredible. Kudos has to be said for the inspired presentation. Incredibly well thought out, yet managing to keep the casualness and relaxed flair to the dishes.

Our final main meal was grilled aubergine & halloumi with braised beans and a smoked asparagus puree. This was lovely and the cheesy was well cooked and not too rubbery as halloumi can be. The smoke puree added an extra dimension to the dish which could have been seen as not flavour some enough if looking at the menu without trying the dish.

The service as I said is casual and there are times when your second dish came out straight after the one we had just consumed, at other times there is a wait of 10-15 minutes. I like this as I hate to rush my dining experience if out for a special occasion but similarly I do not like to be kept waiting constantly. The team here have got this down to a fine art.

Our final cocktail was served which was a rich Irish cream cocktail with mint…I think (but I could be wrong as I didn’t drink that much of it) and was not to my liking so I gave it a miss. The point of it though of course was to be a palette cleanser and in that it was. I preferred to keep my palette as it was though as the rum just didn’t do it for me.

For dessert we had apple & blackberry crumble with custard. Now I am not a huge fan of crumble but I finished off every last mouthful (and my companions if you must know) and although probably a little too generous in portion size considering the dishes above it was very tasty it the crumble very light and airy. We then were served rum syrup, chocolate & coconut ice cream which again was a nice combination of flavours. Followed by the final dish which was a selection of cheeses.

Even the other diners were very interesting due to the set up of the place, it gets the ‘trendy clientele’ without getting the hipsters who want to be there just for the name. There was a stag do in one corner (a very classy stag do) who were eating and drinking. Their rowdiness only exceeded to one man singing opera at the top of his lungs – the other guests loved it! They even apologized on their way out for being loud, I honestly thought it was great and did not disturb us at all.

Needless to say it was very late as we wiped our mouths on the napkins, said good bye to the people sitting around us and headed out in to the shop. We have to say that the food exceeded our expectations of a typical ‘pop-up’, which I find usually suffers from style over substance. The staff were friendly yet professional and from experience knew how to keep their diners happy. The atmosphere needless to say was memorable, set in the back of a cloths shop, with no light and simple retro furniture – it’s a hit! We were bowled over by this place and as a result we give this place:

               Food                            Atmosphere                    Service

4 Stars5 Stars5 Stars


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