Tapas Brindisa, across London


In total, there are four Brindisa locations: Soho, South Kensington, Borough Market at Shoreditch (called Tramontana). I have to confess I have been to every single one in the last 2 years, mostly because when you are slightly peckish and fancy a glass of wine — Brindisa is a great option.

Instead of boring you with details of each location, I will just write a sentence or two about what that particular location is great for (besides the food which for Spanish tapas is pretty decent).

1. South Kensington: I have only been here twice, on both occasions it was a walk-in situation for a few after work drinks. The bar area while small is great for meeting one or two of your friends as its always packed and lively. That said, out of the four locations this the one with the most Spanish patrons.

2. Soho: Say you are shopping on Regent Street or near Oxford Street and you fancy a nibble and a decent inexpensive glass of wine, then Brindisa Soho is the choice. Last time I went it was on a date and the sharing plates make for a great meal as you both get to pick and choose what you like and try new things.

3. Borough Market: Now I did not officially eat here, my brother did he had one of their chorizo bun things – yummy were his words. The Borough location also boast of a fantastic shop where I regularly buy little treats like chorizo, boquerones and other delicacies I miss having lived away from Spain for so long.

4. Tramontana: I think this is possibly the largest of the locations and has a great terrace at the back. Typically walk-ins are fine so its a great impromptu location for dinner if you don’t feel like Vietnamese or Burgers – the other two most popular cuisines in the area.

All in all as a Spanaird Brindisa food hits the spot, probably why I have been back so often. Obviously, not comparable to the best of the best of Spain, but one of the most affordable and decent options in London.

The service is generally sometimes slow, following the Spanish philosophy of ‘take the time to enjoy your meal and wine,’ but if you are willing to be chilled it’s a great spot for dates, meeting up with friends or introducing your family to a new cuisine.

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  1. I have fond memories of a tapas restaurant called Maison don Philippe in The Cut near the old Vic. I’d be interested to know from a Spaniard whether it really was authentic. Will check out Brindisi when next in London.

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