Peloton & Co


This is one of the newest cafes in the Spitalfields area. A bike shop / coffee shop – very East end right? Peloton & Co sells high end (to be honest this is huge assumption as I know very little about bikes) bicycles as well as coffee. The café is based in Spitalfields market opposite a chain (excuse pun) bike shop and is very sparce as you walk in. The shop cum café showcases a handful of bikes as well as some accessories. The café bar is in one corner of the room and has a large selection of quality teas and coffee beans.

We ordered green tea and an Americano and sat on the only table – a large hefty dark wood table with benches – and were served our drinks as the waiters insisted. The coffee was good although not as rich as I would have liked and the tea was delicious. Using Joe’s (it’s a brand) tea bags these come in almost nylon looking tea bags where you can actually see the mixture of herbs, spices and other flavours which have been carefully selected.

The guys in the café although obviously fiercely obsessive and knowledgeable about bikes were friendly and chatty. Importantly they also know how to make a good brew. The atmosphere is quite stark as it is not very busy as most of the customers are take outs or looking at the bikes but this is broken up by the banter of the guys behind the bar as well as the fact that they show biking on a large screen on one side of the café. This is a nice touch linking the shop to the social café experience.

4 Stars


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