Patisserie Valerie – Spitalfields


We went to Patisserie Valerie for coffee as it is at the opening to Spitalfields market. Although it is a nationwide chain café it has lovely array of cakes and biscuits so we thought it was worth a try. This particular café is larger than most Patisserie Valerie in London and much brighter. Often these outlets are smaller and darker than this particular outlet, which has three glass walls and so it feels light and airy. In a way this loses the charm of the café as it moves away from feeling cozy and charming to emotionless and sterile. The glass walls and white furniture makes it stark and impersonal.

We have sat both outside and inside the café and would strongly recommend sitting outside if the weather is on your side as it is nice to indulge in some people watching around the market. Inside the waiters were hard to get hold of and the interior is lackluster. When we did get hold of the waiter, we ordered a black coffee and a latte. These came out quickly despite the slow start. The black coffee was weak but the latte was nice enough. It came out in the long latte glasses which I personally find a little old fashioned and was not hot enough for our liking. Again it took a while to get the bill, in the first case we flagged down a waiter (literally) and the second time we went up to the counter despite their annoyance.

2 Stars

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