The Polo Bar Café


We thought this café is new but it may just be that we walked past it subconsciously, dubbing it as a ‘greasy spoon’. When we finally did register this; enticed by the delicious looking cakes in the window and black board specials on the main path, we determinedly decided to give The Polo Bar Café a try that wee.

This place is not obvious, located opposite Liverpool street station and squeezed between chain cafes and a newsagent, the café is long and thin with seating to the left hand side. We were worried there were no seats available but we were taken downstairs to another small underground area.

We were totally wrong this is a family-owned café has been around for nearly 50 years! The blackboards upstairs offers honest British café food – not ‘greasy spoon at all. Inspired by the 1950’s serving brunch and takeaway lunch/hot food options. As it is open 24 hours this place would be the perfect option for a posh snack after a boozy night out in Shoreditch. Win.

We only came here for coffee and after being seated and looking at the menu, we have decided we must try this place for brunch. We ordered mint tea and hot chocolates. Service was fast and friendly. Simple yet homely. The basement is light despite being underground, emphasized by the white tiles, golden furnishing and mirrors. There is a tall cage like stand that holds bottles of wine and sparkling.

The drinks came out quickly and were piping hot. The hot chocolate was one of the best we have had in years – honestly. Not too rich but creamy and chocolaty. The mint tea came out in tea pots with the tea leaves infusing in the top. The tea was refreshing and very aromatic.

We were pleased with this place and have made a promise to ourselves to try a brunch here at some point. Open 24 hours a day, this is a traditional cafe well worth supporting, with good, honest food at great prices, and it comes highly recommended.

As far as café places in Shoreditch go we give this place:

4 Stars

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  1. Ohhh, I must try there soon. BTW, the name, “The Polo Bar”, I used to hear all over the place in London. One used to be on Kings Road (now Pret a Manger), another one on Panton Street (now a Thai restaurant) and one on off Old Compton Street. They must have been related to each other once. They all served the same 50’s menu. I am so intrigued. I shall definitely check it out. Thank you for the info! (^-^)

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