Vinopolis – Wine Tasting


Based in South Bank in a tunnel and titled and ‘traditional’ you know it will be anything of the sort. We booked a tour of Vinopolis of the history of wine – which to be fair it was however limited wine. We entered and were given a lecture how to weather to swallow or spit (no pun intended) and this was a little over drawn. It reminded me of my uni life and that is not what I want to remember while drinking good wine. The fact is Vinopolis does not use good quality wine for tasting so a Uni mentality is fine.

We walked through the history and countries of wine which was surprisingly good and I learnt a lot. The type of people, quality of wine and queues were disappointing but for a basic beginners guide or tourist guide at least this is a simple place to learn the ropes.

Would not recommended this for a mid range wine enthusiast but for a beginner learning the ropes you have to start somewhere right?

Over all experience:

2 Stars


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