Duck Egg Cafe


We fancied trying a new brunch location and decided to make the pilgrimage to Brixton to try a trendy little café that serves duck eggs (hence the name) as an alternative to hen eggs. We found the little café around a corner of the main drag of Brixton and noticed the small queue. You can reserve but it is easier just to turn up and wait. The wait ranges from a couple of minutes to twenty minuets depending on time and day. I don’t like having to queue especially when hungry but I know this is all the rage in London so will not fault it for that. From outside the terrace café is painted duck egg blue unsurprisingly and has a couple of tables outside if the weather is nice but they are very squashed and out on the path.

We were lucky as we only had to wait a few minutes for a table. We were seated on a table that was pushed next to another (very touchy feely couple). The café inside is painted, yet again, duck egg blue and looks slightly run down. It is very basic in décor and has a cold counter at the back. I would estimate this place can seat 20-30 people max.

We were given a laminated paper menu, with a wide variety of brunch and lunch options. With any of the dishes that served eggs diners had the option of duck or hen (with an additional cost for duck) egg. I have to say not all of the dishes had egg included as they also serve salads, burgers etc.  The café also has a blackboard with daily specials that are not on the menu.

We felt we really should try the duck egg, so I ordered scrambled egg and salmon and my fellow diner ordered the eggs royale. The café served a large selection of fresh juice so I opted for the beetroot; apple and pear juice as I felt adventurous and my friend ordered the apple juice. It was a mistake on my part, as although I do love beetroot the juice was not to my liking. Again, this was not against the café but I just couldn’t get my taste buds around the earthy beetroot after taste. Needless to say I ended up drinking the majority of apple juice from my friend’s glass.

At this point the waitress asked us to move tables as she had a group of four waiting at the door, this was fine as it was for the ‘greater good’ but still we had ordered and had drinks so a little inconvenient. Soon after we had squeezed into our new seats we were served our food. The portions were big and served on white tin plates – very kitsch. Presentation is not key here, and the food talks for its self. The salmon was lightly smoked and thickly grained, really delicious. The egg was roughly scrambled and a little over cooked for my liking and the mushrooms I asked for additionally were far too greasy. The eggs royale was served with a large poached duck egg on top of two English muffins, it looked delicious and when we broke the yolk the deep orange poured over the dish. The hollandaise was also delicious and defiantly the best choice of the two dishes. The egg was so rich that we struggled to finish our brunch despite being starving earlier.

We were full for most of the day and felt that duck eggs were probably too rich for us but we liked the originality and quirkiness. The food was good but had a few minor issues that were mainly based on personal taste. The atmosphere lacked any buzz but the queue outside showed that this was the place to be for the young and trendy Brixtonians. The price was not bad either despite going for the more expensive egg option. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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