Milk and Honey

milk and honey

We heard the hype about this place and inevitably put it on our to do list for a rainy day – it literally was. Fortunately we did get invited to go there and we jumped at the opportunity (subtly of course.)

Milk and Honey is located behind a secret door in Soho. By touching the correct buzzer on the correct anonymous door you are let in to the glamourous reception where we gave our coats, bags and brolly’s.

We were seated by an hip east end waiter to two stools in the centre of the restaurant – not the most comfy but at least we got a good view of the bar. The bar and seating area was small and compact, 1920’s in theme and very dark. A perfect speak easy.

This place apparently has a number of floors which are mainly used for members but non-members can come on weekdays when less busy. We ordered a range of cocktails that were all delicious and quickly devoured. The waiter observably topped up our glasses of water with the cucumber and mint water to our side.

Finally the couple to our left in the booth left and we asked if we could move to their seating. I can see why they would say no due to clearing up and rearranging orders but that did not seem a problem. We were swiftly moved to the booths and now in a more comfortable area ordered food to soak up the strong spirits. This is only a grazing menu but they do serve a large selection of delicious hot and cold food.

We ordered battered prawns and the lamb cutlets. Both came out within 20 minutes which were served with no cutlery. After requesting a knife and fork (they ran out of forks and had to go to the second level to find spare ones) we tucked in. At this point we realised we did not need the cutlery at all. We gnawed through the lamb cutlet and apologised our way through the messy crumbling prawns. The food was delicious, served to share and perfectly cooked. The lamb cutlets were served in a thick sweet and smokey sauce and just melted in the mouth. They had clearly been marinated for some time as it was so juicy. The prawns were in a light crisp batter that literally flaked apart at each bite. The prawns were very meaty and were not dominated by the seasoned batter. Not bad for an opulent cocktail bar. If you like The Great Gatsby then you will love this place. For cocktails, wine or grazing this place is a winner.

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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