Bishopsgate Kitchen


We have noticed this Bishopsgate Kitchen in the last few months which overlooks the Old Spitalfields Market and is a part of the Bishopsgate Institute which offers courses, lectures and classes for adults (we are meaning to do a course – Honestly!)

This place always looks welcoming and authentically Italian. The wall facing the street is just a panel of glass so those sitting inside can watch the world go by and those outside can be tempted in by the ham legs hanging, the casual atmosphere and the delicious looking food. This place does a good job at serving a number of clientèle, ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, which restaurants often find hard.

We came here for lunch meeting as it has a relaxed atmosphere and there are often tables available without booking. We were welcomed at the entrance by a receptionist at a wooden stand and showed us to our table. The path is separated by a wooden shelving unit which is crammed full of Italian goods such as jars, tins and dried meats. To get to the main restaurant you have to walk past the open kitchen which is nestled into the corner and is visible to diners if they should so wish.

This place is a modern Italian/British fusion restaurant with open brick work, rough wooden furniture and old fashioned tin crockery. The menu is similarly Italian inspired but with a wider European fusion. They have a blackboard with specials on them and an ample menu selection. This place takes pride in quality ingredients and this can be identified in the dishes on the menu. It was quite as we entered at midday but soon got busy as the city workers clocked off for lunch.

We decided to go for the fresh tuna salad and a cheese burger. The dish took its time to surface but was certainly worth the wait. My tuna was served on a bed of broad beans, chickpeas and a delicious creamy sauce that has a kick to it. The tuna steak was juicy although I prefer it a little rarer with a deep red centre rather than pinkness.  The beans were cold and al dente and complemented the juicy texture of the meat. The cheeseburger was served on a wooden platter and towered over the silver bucket of chips. The chesses oozed out of the bun and the burger spilled out over it. The burger was cooked to medium/medium well done and was slightly pink in the middle. It was incredibly filling and a monster in size but they had done well on presentation to make it look presentable enough yet tempting.

We really liked this place and although the service was a little slow, the staff were friendly. The casual décor reflects in the atmosphere and it’s a great place to go for a casual brunch or lunch and watch the world go by at the entrance of Spitalfields market.

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

       3 Stars3 Stars4 Stars


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