Corrigan’s of Mayfair‏


Any of you who have had a look at our ‘to do list’ of London restaurants will know that we have had this restaurant on the list a long while. Richard Corrigan is a Michelin starred chef that has been on numerous TV cookery shows including Saturday Kitchen and Great British menu.  A friend asked us to pick a place in Mayfair and we thought this would be perfect, British, quite and hopefully good food. We were not disappointed.

Located off a side street on Park Road, Corrigans is simple and understated from the outside. With a small door and hazed windows with ivy hiding what’s inside. Corrigans does simple sophistication quite well as we realized when we walked through the reception hall into the restaurant itself.

The restaurant is surprisingly small from the ‘celebrity’ chef but this works well. There is a bar at one side of the restaurant that does very lethal martini’s. It is small yet big enough not to be intense or stifling, requiring probably 10 waiters when busy. We visited on a Sunday evening so it was very quiet but despite this there was light music playing in the background which made the atmosphere very relaxing.

We were seated at one end of the restaurant in a small booth section. The table had stiff white table cloth, napkins and the brushed silver cutlery were beautiful. We were served by a young waiter who was very charming and made a few jokes as it took us a long time to get around to looking at the menu. We finally decided on a bottle of red wine and the slow cooked beef with marrow and grelots. I asked for mine medium rare and my friend went for medium. When the dishes came out we were impressed with the presentation, small in portions but we had ordered new potatoes and carrots with honey and mustard as sides The meat was juicy and tender although very small so could hardly tell the difference between rare and medium rare. The beef was in a thick gravy sticky sauce and was honestly mouth watering. The marrow was small complementing the meat and the earthy mushrooms. The grelots were soft and full of intense flavour as soon as you placed them in your mouth.  The new potatoes were served with mint and were lovely and the carrots were just cooked; crunchy yet tender. The carrots were thickly sliced and delicately prepared and the honey and mustard glaze was sticky yet not too over sweet.

We liked the fact that when we declined the dessert we were not rushed into asking for the bill and were given enough time yet were not ignored.  The service throughout was perfect, the waiters were professional yet humorous, they did not hang around but were not negligent as they constantly topped up on water and wine.

The food was fantastic – we are certainly tempted to try their tasting menu – and the atmosphere was glamorous yet simple, making guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

As a result we give this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

5 Stars5 Stars4 Starsbeef

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