We visited Rosa’s for a quick meal before we headed to the BFI film festival in Brixton. We were after somewhere that serves food relatively quickly but not compromising on quality. Dues to our location and lack of ideas in Brixton on a Tuesday night (Brixton market is closed Monday-Wednesday in the evening.) we decided to go to Rosa’s in Shoreditch as we had heard good things about it. We went early at about 6ish and it was pretty empty but it soon started filling up. We were surprised as it was a Tuesday night and Rosa’s is not on the main bypass. Located on the turning of Shoreditch into Brick lane, Rosa’s bright red glossy shop front stands out from the other terraced shops on that street.

Inside Rosa’s is bare with wooden canteen tables and stools. When full this place gets quite cosy as it is a small room with a kitchen area at the back. The lighting is bright and very little decoration. This place shouts out that it is more about the food than the décor. We were quickly seated at a table (you cannot reserve here) and handed a menu with a large range of traditional sounding Thai dishes. I got excited as I recognised some of these dishes and ingredients from Thailand and have not seen them in many Thai restaurants around London.

We ordered the soft crab shell and the fresh summer rolls to start. The waiter quickly took our order with none of the usual banter and quickly left for the kitchen straight after. We liked this simplicity. When the food came out we were surprised about the portions. The crab shell was soft and delicious although we would have preferred more meat inside the tempura. There was a sauce served with it which was spicy although we would have preferred it slightly hotter and with more of a fresh side salad to cut through the richness. The summer rolls were huge and two or three would have been ample but they served us with five! These were filled with fragrant herbs and vegetables and were very light and packed full of flavour. This was served with a peanut dip which the creaminess of the peanut butter and the lightness of the roll.

We ordered a second glass of wine while we waited for the main course to come out. We had ordered the thick red chicken curry with Jasmine rice and the Pad Thai. The chicken curry was delicious; it was exactly like I had hoped, thick pieces of steamed chicken in a thick aromatic red Thai sauce that was peppered with red chili slices. It was hot but not enough to burn our taste buds. The Pad Thai was delicious full of bean sprouts, spring onions and peanuts. We opted for the chicken which was a good choice as there was plenty of pieces and the rice noodles were cooked to perfection. Tender yet with a bite.

As we said the surroundings and the service is basic at best but this allows the food to speak for itself. Come here with friends or on your own you will not be disappointed.

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

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