Since I had just come back from Spain and suffering from the holiday blues I was craving for Spanish cuisine. I had never heard of this Iberian Spanish restaurant which was tucked into one of the domineering buildings in canary wharf so was pleased to be introduced to it.

Although obviously Spanish this restaurant feels very Canary Wharf, by that I mean that it has an old fashioned, manly air to it. We were greeted at the reception and shown to a table on the first floor of the restaurant. Iberia had two open plan floors. The ground floor has a few tables and then a short iron staircase leading into a big restaurant which in turn hosts the open ended kitchen and is surrounded with all things Spanish, red wine, pictures and stags head. Although this Iberia has a number of restaurants at different locations it has a very authentic feel.

We were seated at the side of the restaurant on one of the benches which was a little cozy, possibly a little too close next to the other diners who were discussing the latest financial updates in the industry. We were handed an A3 menu which awkwardly over lapped onto each other’s plate and a small wine list. Then menu did have a less traditional air, written in English with a commercial font.

We decide to go for the white sangria which came out in a glass jug and a wooden spoon for stiring. the sangria was made up of citrus and apple pieces. I would have preferred a red sangria but this was my friend’s preference and I am not one to say no to wine whatever the colour.

We decided to go for a selection of tapas dishes, these included grilled asparagus which was laid side by side on grilled sliced ciababtta bread, calamari served with a garlicy mayonnaise dip, chorizo fried in its own juices, cheese croquettes that burst open when touched with a fork letting out the oozing melon cheese and the obligatory pattias bravas. These came out slowly at ad hoc intervals. Each dish was full of flavour, piping hot and authentic. They were served on little small white dishes or sizzling plates and we soon ran out of room on our small table.

The service was a little hap hazard, with two people serving you at one point and then at others it was hard to get anyone’s attention, having said that the atmosphere was warm and welcoming and although the décor was very Spanish it felt authentic rather than tacky.

We left with our tummies full and will certainly make an effort to go again. I think this place would suit better to larger groups as you will not be squashed into the side areas and there is a constant hum of noise which forgives any louder groups. We liked this place and so will give it:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars2 Stars4 Stars


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