This is Peruvian restaurant which had a lot of hype before opening. Based in Shoreditch, Andina is very chic – probably more suited to West London – it’s always busy so you need to book. We were after a nice light lunch location and this seemed an obvious choice (not only because we had never tried it and have it on our list.) We walked through the more casual ground floor restaurant and were taken to the downstairs dining area that felt a lot more Latin American.

The stone walls are painted a Mediterranean bright white, set against the light wood of the the bar, starcase and tables. Down stairs there is a modern bar offering a variety of exotic spirits and they do have free cocktail making classes (at an awkward time of 4pm on weekdays but still its free!)

We ordered the lamb kebabs, the risotto and the super food salad. Now the waitress was not fluent in English but very polite so we felt a bit awkward trying to correct her when she took down the wrong orders – we knew there would be errors at this point.

The lamb and thr risotto came out within ten minutes but the salad was nowhere to be seen. Now its unusual for the cold dish not to come out first so we knew she had forgotten. Despite the fact the waitress was milling around us most of the time,  she was nowhere to be seen when we wanted her. We finally got hold of her and told her we needed the additional dish, she said it was on its way – which is a bare faced lie – as she ran off to let the kitchen know there was an urgent order.

Our mains were cold by the time that the salad dish was served however the risotto and the lamb were really tasty but the lamb kebabs were over cooked so a little tough. The risotto was the star dish, full of flavour and the rice very tender. My lamb dish looked very appealing but as I said was over cooked and so awkward to eat in polite company. The salad that eventually came was delicious; colourful and full of flavour. We were satisfied with  the food but a little annoyed with the service so tried to get the bill. Could we find a waitress? It felt as though they were doing it on purpose and it was really grating. I have to say this place could do really well. The menu is fresh and certainly a change to the ‘hipster’ Shoreditch menus. Light, fresh and tasty. Yes the attention to detail and the service really let this place down. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

3 Stars2 Stars2 Stars


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