The London Foodie – French Supper Club


We heard about the French Supper Club in N1 through a mutual friend. The host, Luiz Hara, is an Italian-Japanese Brazilian chef living in London, who left a career in investment banking to pursue an interest in food.

The food, service and atmosphere was top quality. It’s not surprising when you see the chefs stylish home and start to hear more about his training in Japanese cuisine in Tokyo and graduated with the Grande Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu.

Luiz Hara now hosts Japanese Super Clubs but this month he also added a few French Supper club options due to his interest in French cuisine. We found his house and were welcomed at the stylish house, upon arrival we were served with a gin and tonic accompanied with a sardine tart that melted in the mouth. The guests (who we were introduced to there and then) were mingling in the living room that is full of antiques and curios until we were asked to take our seats at the dinner table; which was underground. As you walked down the stairs there was a mezzanine floor which the ultra modern bathroom was situated and at the bottom of the stairs was a huge kitchen with a number of helpers running around.

Around the corner was a well decorated table sitting 25 people in our section. I was sitting with my friend but the other guests were strangers so it was great to able to chat with people next to you who share the same interests.

As I said the kitchen and dining area are underground and the roof of the dining room area was made of glass; it was raining which made the warm cosy atmosphere even more divine. Luiz, explained the menu which included three starters, main course, cheese and biscuits and dessert, phew! It was a bring your own wine occasion, but Luiz being the great host he was offers you some wine suggestions that go along with the meal prior to arrival as you are not told of the dishes ahead – part of the surprise.

Firstly we had a saffron soup with mussels and crispy croutons. This was rich and creamy with the mussels adding additional depth. This was followed by sea bass tartare with apple and coriander. It was light and perfect ahead of the heavy courses ahead. We then were given our final starter which was my favourite starter of the three. It was a cheese similar to camembert – but much tastier) mixed with garlic and herbs. This was grilled served with bread, gherkins and thickly sliced ham. I will certainly try remaking this at home!

The wine we bought was stored by the wine cooler and we just helped ourselves to our own bottles as necessary. I thought this was a much better idea than the last supper club I went to where the host kept asking us which bottle was ours and topping it up as and when, which was a hassle for them and us!

For the main course we had a French mince dish, very similar to a cottage pie but had a buttery, creamy mash and foie gras grilled on top. This was served with vegetables to share around the table. Although it was very rich, I ate every mouthful!

We were then served a selection of French cheeses and dried fruits served on a slate plate. This was accompanied with sliced bread which Luiz sources from Uxbridge – it is really that nice.
Finally we were served the obligatory TarteTatin, which we cut and share between us. Again this was rich especially after eating all the other rich courses but it was difficult not to want more. It was delicious. Every course was faultless; the host clearly had a keen passion in food and a talent in the kitchen. The host’s house was beautiful, so stylish and chic and it was great to meet new people with similar interest in us.

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars


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