Les Deux Salon‏

les deux salon

We have noticed this place pop up earlier in the year and on later inspection, saw that is was the sister of sophisticated British restaurants Wild Honey and Artubus so we suggested to visit with friend. Les Deux Salon as the name implies is French so steers away from the British fusion of the other sister restaurants and instead moves to a more casual Parisian style Brasserie.

Les Deux Salon is on a side street just off the Strand so is a great meeting location. The large windows have steel piping on the antiqued windows. We walked in to the grand restaurant and met at the desk to give our names and coat. We were shown to our table which was past the large old fashioned bar and in a slight alcove. We were seated at a crisp white table on a cushioned bench with wooden seats opposite us. The floor had tiled white and black stone and when one looked up there was a second floor with a large oval shape in the centre.

We were served bread and ordered a coke and mojito while we looked through the menu. We ordered the house soup which was chicken and sweet corn and the steak tartar. The chicken soup came out in a pottery high walled pot and looked very authentic. It was creamy, hot and sweet, which was lovely on a cold winter evening. The tartar was served with ciabatta which nicely soaked up the rich meat juices. The tartar was thick and well spiced with tobacco sauce, Worcestershire sauce and pepper. The egg on the top was nice and golden although as the meat mix was quite small it almost dominated the dish.

We then were served our main courses which consisted of king tiger prawns with chili and lemon and a chopped steak with fried egg. We were informed that the mains come with no sides, so we ordered the creamy spinach and green beans. I am pleased that the waiter informed us of this but I do begrudge having to order sides to make a dish a full meal. The tiger prawns came out whole so were quite messy to pick apart especially in a professional setting (but that was my fault) but I was given a lemon bowl to refresh my fingers. The prawns were well cooked and went well with the rich creamy spinach and al dente green beans. The steak dish was a little over cooked especially considering it was feather steak. It was chopped roughly and served with the fried egg on top – very Parisian. The richness of the egg paired well with the lean meat.

Our waiter was French and very professional, which suited the surrounding. Our drinks were regularly topped up, crumbs brushed away after each course yet he was not overly attentive. My only slight niggle was that we had to wait a long time to get the attention of the waiter for the bill at the end, which is a pet hate of mine. I am not sure if this was because he forgot or so that we would not feel rushed; either way I would prefer to get the bill in a timely manner after we communicate that we don’t want a dessert. Over all we felt satisfied with this brasserie, which felt very authentic, in both its atmosphere, service and menu.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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