Viet Hoa

hoa viet

We visited this oriental restaurant/take away on Camberwell Church Street as we wanted something local, easy and light. The restaurant looks like a grandmas living room that was last decorated in the early 60’s. You do not need to book as there is a continual cycle of people coming through the doors but it does get busy so you may have to wait up to 20minutes for a table. Service is curt, without a smile but helpful if needed.

We were seated on a round table at the end of the long rectangular room. We ordered a bottle of white wine (there were only three options on the menu and we ordered the only one not from a famous American vineyard) and took a look at the extensive menu. The dishes are predominantly Vietnamese although there are a number of Thai and Chinese dishes.  We ordered the vegetable spring rolls and the ¼ duck pancakes. This came out in its own time, which is understandable considering how busy it was. The spring rolls were served on a bed of cabbage, funky cut carrot and lettuce – typical of a Vietnamese side salad. The textures worked well and were clearly freshly made for our order. The pancakes came out in a whicker bowl and were warm, soft and fresh. The meat was a little dry which is often the case in duck meat for pancakes.

For our main course we ordered the bowl of chicken and pork noodle broth and the green Thai curry. As I said, although mainly Vietnamese the menu was a mixture of oriental dishes. The noodle soup was piping hot with strips of meat in and around the soft noodles. The noodles were slightly overcooked but the rest of the dish worked and we were satisfied. The Thai green curry lacked flavour but was light and the chicken was tender and generous in size. We ordered coconut rice to go with this as rice did not come as standard. This was slightly annoying as most restaurants would serve a curry with rice regardless.

As we had two courses and were enjoying each others company we stayed a while at the table. Despite numerous families and friends coming in and out we did not feel rushed. We liked that most diners here were actually Vietnamese which made it feel more authentic.

Service was efficient although lacked personality – but sometimes that is just what you want without the bother of having a full on chat! We enjoyed the atmosphere –  good food without the bother of having to get dressed up – casual and efficient.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

3 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

Phở Gà

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