The Oblix is located on the 32nd floor of the Shard, the views are really spectacular (although not quite as spectacular as Hutong restaurant two levels further up). We visited Oblix for a work ‘do’, after being tempted by the hope of great views and menu similar to its sister restaurants Aqua.

We were seated in the middle of the restaurant which is smaller but has the same Asian/fusion vibe as Aqua.  To get to the dining room there is a long wooden hallway (similar to the one at Duck and Waffle) which squeezes past the bar and kitchen; which is great as you get a glimpse of the busy kitchen.

We ordered a couple of bottles of white wine and looked at the fusion menu. The menu is less Japanese than its sister restaurant but still has Asian influences. For starter we ordered burrata, olives &  tomatoes, the lobster & scallop ceviche which was served with jalapenos, coriander & sweet peppers and I ordered the scallops, ginger, lime & tamarind cream. The vegetarian in our group had the burrata which was a fabulous dish, with the juicy creamy cheese and olives and tomato salad. It melted in the mouth and for split second made me wish I was vegetarian – it really was that good. The ceviche was light, spicy and full of flavour, although I find ceviche lacking in texture and over powered by some of the strong spices. I was generally pleased with the scallops as they were tender and juicy however they were cut in half and though not over cooked lacked the meatiness of a full scallop.

Now for my first and only complaint, as we ordered the main course, one of us wanted to ordered the whole sea bream but the waiter offered us another option, when we declined he pushed for another option that was ‘better’. Obviously the sea bream was running low and the chefs had told the waiters to push the other dishes but this was too much and unprofessional. We were less than impressed. Despite this we stuck to our guns and ordered the sea bream which was served with fennel and olives. We also ordered the black cod with coriander, which was sticky, smoky and flaked at the touch. The vegetarian option was grilled aubergine with yoghurt, mint & pomegranate and again was really impressive unlike most classic establishments that have the most bland and unimaginative dishes for the veggie’s amongst us.

Other than the incident with the waiter, service was generally professional, fast and efficient, more wine was ordered and the dessert menu swiftly followed. We ordered the sorbet, cheese and biscuits and the crème brulee. The sorbet was creamy yet not as zingy as I would have liked, the crème brulee was delicious with a great toffee crunch on top and the cheese was delicious.

We loved the views, the menu options and the overall taste but we really  disapprove being talked out of our dish options.

N.B you have a higher chance of sitting by the windows with the most spectacular views if you are a couple – which is good to know.

As a result, Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives Oblix:

Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars3 Stars5 Stars

black cod

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