Our friend suggested going to an Ethiopian restaurant, which I was a little unsure to be honest. Addis is based in Kings Cross and we were pleased that it was not too far a walk from the station. We walked into the homely, unpretentious restaurant and were seated immediately despite not having booked a table (the website was down at the time.) The restaurant is very simple; the walls are yellow and covered with photos of Ethiopian, friends, family or celebrities (we were unsure. It is a relaxed and authentic spot.

We ordered the aubergines, houmous and sardines to start. These of these came out on time and were juicy and very tasty. The aubergines were soft and a little oaked with the sardines being charcoaled – a little too much but were still very tasty. The houmous had a nice thick texture and served with pitta.

For main course we ordered the sharing platter that included chicken, lamb, vegetable and egg curry. This is served traditionally on pancake type affair with dditional pancakes rolled for diner’s preference. The idea is to tear a piece of the pancake and pick up the meat/curry with your hands – no need for cutlery here! The curry was delicious and the great thing about having the tasting platter allows you to try things that you would never try before. The lamb and chicken was juicy, the curry sauce was light and packed a punch – not like Indian curry which is richer and more spicy.

We also ordered wine throughout and this was much cheaper than any London restaurant prices we’re used to. Service was pleasant and familiar. If you are on a budget, fancy an exotic change or just after wholesome food this place is for you. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars4 Stars2 Stars


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