Proud Camden

proud camden

We visited Proud Camden for a friend’s birthday party, specifically selected for the burlesque entertainment and the efficiency service. Proud Camden is in Camden Market near Chalk Farm and the Stables and we were dressed to impress. We arrived into the large space – one side hosts a night club (which diners can enjoy after their meals) and the second room is where we dined and watched the burlesque.

We opted to pre-ordered online so that it helped the chefs and prevented long delays  for food since we part of a large party. Dinner was served throughout the show which was slightly uncomfortable as we wanted to watch the show. The food was served at random and not to fit the intervals. Many of the burlesque girls were recognizable from The Brick House in Brick Lane – which recently closed down. The waitresses were very sexy dressed in corsets and suspenders only.

There was a number burlesque acts including fire, feathers and a woman who stapled photos to leg…yes grim I know – especially while eating my chicken thigh. We were a large group so as I said we preordered our food. I ordered the smoked salmon with caviar and vodka. It was delicious with bright juicy caviar but the salmon was too thin although deliciously smoked.

For main course I ordered the chicken with couscous and pomegranate. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the couscous was flavorsome with just enough bite. Different cuts of the chicken were given to all and I did get my favourite parts – breast and leg. I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of food and the entertainment . However once I left, the management over charged my friends by over £100, literally saying that we had ordered things we had not ordered. There is no complaint system and there are at least 15 reviews that say the same. It’s a shame as I would have said it’s a place to go for a fun night however I do urge anyone not to go as these people are rip off artists!

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls cannot give them a rating.

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