La Bodega Negra‏


We had been looking forward to our reservation at Le Bodega Negra, the Mexican street food restaurant located under a sex shop in Soho. We had heard that the food was good but the decor and obviously the location were so ‘trendy’. We walked to the front of the cafe but were told that the restaurant was located at the back, literally through the sex shop hall and down the stairs. We walked into the hall which was low key although a few raunchy items lying around. We were shown downstairs to a large room with open brick walls. The area was very hipster and could be imagined to be located in Shoreditch or Hoxton. We were seated at a table for two which was quite cosy when it got busier.

As it was a treat, we ordered the tasting menu along with a bottle of Malbec. There was the option of a tasting menu but no additional details were mentioned so we were left to chance. As we eat almost anything we thought we would risk it. The waiter serving us was very polite and friendly and did run us through the tasting menu very quickly, (so quickly in fact, that we had forgotten everything within seconds.) Our dishes came out incredibly quickly so we assumed they must have been precooked. Dishes included tostidas and guacamole, raw slices of tuna and avocado, soft crab and pork belly. The new waiter placed the dishes next to us and swiftly walked away so we had no idea what dish was which and what they consisted of. This ruined it a bit as this was supposed to be a relaxed celebratory meal and we just felt incredibly rushed. The dishes were to share and once we had finished the first few plates the next warm dishes were shared with us without a break. We did ask for the service to be slowed down but this seems to have gone on deaf ears.

We were served desserts that arrived so fast I cannot recall what they were. The food was good and the pork was a real stand out dish. It was just a shame we felt so rushed, especially as it was not cheap. As we left within an hour of sitting down, we heard other couple saying exactly the same thing. Now I know I am all one for hating slow service but this really was fast, so much so it left a sour taste in our mouth. Oh well at least it’s one off our list and teaches you never to try a place because its ‘trendy’. Lesson learnt.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

3 Stars1 Star4 Stars


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