We were searching for a casual restaurant that was fairly new as we wanted to impress a friend – and we came across Bones in Hoxton. Bones aims to be a restaurant that focuses on good food, simply presented. We walked into the restaurant which is on one floor with small steps near the kitchen which creates another smaller dining area. We were seated in a small booth which was so small,; it was hard to get in and out – our knees were knocking together. The kitchen is at the far end of the restaurant on the higher level so you can see the chefs cooking – they have a great rotisserie area). The restaurant is simply decorated with bare bricks.

We ordered water while we looked at the wine list but this took a long time to come. When it arrived the waitress was about to rush off but we managed to get her to take our starter order of; pigeon salad, buratta salad and beetroot and vodka salmon. This took a while to come out, which was not a bad thing as we were still struggling to get someone to take our wine order. Waiters seemed not to be focused on certain tables and therefore the service was confused and messy (we had been offered other tables dishes twice).

When the food came out we were satisfied, my pigeon was served with hazelnut and vegetable crisps. This was rich, warming and delicious. The hazelnut cut through the richness of the meat and the vegetable crisps were light yet satisfying. The burrata was served simply with bail and chilli which worked as the cheese is so delicate it should speak for itself. The salmon was pickled in vodka and beetroot which gives it a bitter taste that worked well with the oily fish. We really enjoyed. Again it took a while to have our plates cleared but once done, our mains were served immediately.

We ordered the skate wing which was served with olive and hazelnuts, the steak with the garlic butter and the peasant stew which was served with beans and chicken. The skate was well cooked and the olive tappernade gave it some depth. The steak was thin and slightly over cooked but was juicy and well seasoned. The stew was the winner here; hearty, rich and dull of flavour delicious.

We finished on peach, apple and salted caramel sorbets and a raspberry and blackberry cheesecake. They had a great selection of ice cream and sorbets which was refreshing – excuse the pun. We are not sure if these were homemade but we hope so as it did not have the over sweet flavour normally accustomed with shop bought sorbet. The cheese cake was similar to a New York cheese cake which was heavy and creamy – very tasty.

We polished these off and headed home. The restaurant – by the time we left was – buzzing with young trendy types. We do think the food really did live up to its name but the service was really lacking and I have to take off points for the terribly tight booth area. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars2 Stars3 Stars


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