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For a very special birthday celebration we decided to treat ourselves. 1 Lombard Street is based in the city – as the name infers and was previously a bank still with great original features and architecture inside and out.

Lombard Street is a huge restaurant that has a grand circular bar right in the centre of the restaurant. The stone walls have large imposing works of art that lightens and creates colour in the whole room which would be fairly bland without. The roof made out of a huge glass dome which brings even more light to the restaurant. We were seated near the entrance next to a huge bread cutting machine and could really appreciate the simplicity yet sophistication of the restaurant.

Water was served on the table and was consistently being topped up. We were served fresh bread with salted butter on a slate plate. We opted for the octopus salad, onion & gruyère cheese tart as well as the Lentil soup of the day. I choose the octopus salad and definitely choose well – this was served with colourful petals and looked absolutely beautiful! It was soft, delicious and perfectly cooked. The cheese tart was light, fluffy and creamy with a delicious crispy base. The soup was creamy and thick with a delicious spiciness. We loved all of this.

For our main course we ordered the steak tartare, scallops & prawns with a mango and chicory and the pear and manchego salad.

The steak tartare was served on the plate with grilled bread. It was spicy and had a little texture from the mince and peppercorn. The scallops were left with their coral on and all were well cooked – just seared and still opaque. However I felt there was too much mango which over powered the dish making it a little too sweet and sticky despite having the peppery chicory there which admittedly did help the dish. This I have to say was perfectly presented with the scallops and prawns lying over chicory. The the pear salad was served raw and was light and looked pleasing on the plate again.

The manager came over to check that we had enjoyed our main course as the dishes were swiftly swept away.

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

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