Chicken Shop

chicken shop

I am a protein lover, so the name of this restaurant was a clear win. The Chicken Shop is a Hoxton trendy restaurant based under the railway/tube in Whitechapel.

Don’t pick up the phone to book now based on my simple description as it has a no booking policy.  It does look a little grubby based in this tunnel but it really does work. We were served drinks while we waited outside – I would say not to visit on a rainy day as you literally do have to wait outside – the drinks took quite a long time to come out. Service is a little young (focused more on trendiness rather than the experienced so please be prepared for a slower, forgetful and overly friendly *shudder* service.

We managed to get a seat after 15-20 minutes of waiting and were seated on simple wooden benches. The restaurant is small but it allows you to get a glimpse of the open fire kitchen. The menu is simple – rotisserie chicken with simple sides or a few different hot dogs. We ordered a whole chicken to share with sweet corn, fries and avocado and butter lettuce salad.

They have their own branded sauce and spices which are actually quiet good I have to admit.

Food came out fairly quickly and we were served in sharing bowels. The chicken was cut up into pieces which were served on the bone. I really hate meat served on the bone; I know it’s more juicier etc but I do, sorry, despite my personal preferences it really was well cooked and seasoned. The salad was simple with blobs of avocado in it and the sweet corn cut into pieces making it easy to share.

I liked the simplicity and the obvious effort to try and make it a relaxed and sharing environment.

This place is a winner if you want a hipster Nando’s that tastes so much better and is a little more sophisticated but the service is a little slow and on the verge of trying too hard.

I would suggest giving it a try if you are in the area or a protein freak like me.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives The Chicken Shop:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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