Jackson and Rye


We stumbled across this place looking for a place for brunch. Located in Wardour Street this place could be susceptible to becoming a tourist trap but currently only Londoners seem to have found this – may be because it looks so unassuming from the outside. This place is fairly new so allows for ‘walk ins’ as well as few group bookings. Jackson and Rye aims at American cuisine.

Although we were warned of the queues we were seated right down in the corner of the front room immediately. There is a small front cafe/restaurant area and then a much larger space at the back which is separated by a small bar serving American beer, wines and cocktails. There is also a downstairs restaurant which gets busy at weekends.

The tables are small with limited leg room; making more tables available. Their weekend menu is an all day menu, separated by pastries & pancakes, eggs, mains, grills and sandwiches. We ordered a breakfast sour cocktail and the ham, egg and spinach as well as the salmon and cream cheese bagel.

We waited a good while for our food to arrive and it eventually did. The waitress was  smiling but did not ask us if we needed anything else so we were left a little stranded as we wanted some sauces and water. The baked egg was delicious; with a nicely baked top with the yolks still soft in the middle and the spinach offsetting the rich mixture. My cousin’s bagel was rich with a cream cheese and fleshy salmon. We finished the lot and were satisfied.

Now I know there are often mistakes when starting a new restaurant for the first time but the clumsy service really did not bode well. The food was good and hearty. We really liked it as a change and it was well priced.

I do have to say I went back two weeks later with my mother and the service again was terrible. The food fantastic but there were three waitresses waiting on four tables – we were downstairs this time – and we were asked for our food orders three times and given the wrong dishes once. Again there were only four tables seated in this area. How hard can it be? Still I do want to say the staff were happy and friendly; just needed less of them and more training. With training will come confidence.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

2 Stars4 Stars3 Stars


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