Jane Tira


We came for a casual dinner with friends at this Thai ‘street food’ restaurant in Soho. There is a no booking policy at Jane Tira but as we came early there was no queue. Saying that, we were originally told we could book but when I moved the order from four to five we were told this was not possible and our booking was cancelled! Anyhow as I said there was no wait so I was not too annoyed and we were seated immediately by the window. The restaurant is small and rectangular in shape. Décor is simple with wooden benches – typical Thai inspired.

We ordered a bottle of white wine and checked out the menu. We ordered the spring rolls and the moo ping (mainly because we liked the name) which was pork skewers marinated in lemon-grass and coconut milk. These came out quickly and both were tasty and delicious.

We went on to order our meals but two of the group were told they could not have the main meal they chose as it was too spicy for the Western European palettes. This made us laugh as we knew they must be right and appreciated this tip rather than being annoyed. So instead of ordering the mackerel curry, the two ordered the lamb massamum – a coconut lamb curry – one of us ordered the ‘crying tiger’ sizzling beef with chillies and I ordered the Thai green curry with rice.

The food came swiftly and almost (not quite) at the same time – which we all appreciated. The Thai curry was delicious and spicy with creamy chicken that melted in the mouth. The lamb curry was the winning dish, which was rich, meaty and spicy but the beef was a little tough.

Halfway through the meal my friend started to cough loudly and I tried to ignore her and told others to do the same as I know how embarrassing it is for people to watch you have a coughing fit. I saw her waving at me but assumed she meant carry on the conversation – It then dawned on me she may be chocking. Right, so I panicked and tottered off to find a waitress. They both said ‘not again’, I assume this is regular occurrence! While my other friend was shouting ‘Heimlich’ the other stroked her back gently wondering why my other friend was shouting in German at him. Fortunately our friend managed to dislodge the meat as my friends; the waitress and I were about as useless as a chocolate tea pot. My other friend then got bad news and had to leave the table – she came back upset which again caused a little atmosphere. At this point the waitress came up to us with a bag for my friend who had freed the blockage ten minutes ago to spit in. Ah it was an eventful night although the focus was less on the food but more on the events.

We liked this little place which is full of Asian guests and it very authentic in service and atmosphere. Food is spicy which is often dulled down to suit English taste. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls liked a lot (despite the events):

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

3 Stars3 Stars2 Stars


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