We went to a city restaurant called Cigalon due to location – but I have to admit I had not heard of this place before. There is a small subtle door in busy Chancery Lane which led into the light provincial style dining room. Seats are velvet green which stand out against the white background and ivy around the walls – very chic.

We were swiftly seated in one of the round sofa booth which is rather hard to get into as they cocoon around the table (especially if you are wearing a dress) – more stylish than useful I guess. We were served with drinks while we looked at the provincial menu which had fashionable well sourced dishes – perfect for light summery lunches.

We ordered the roast pumpkin velouté, ceps & aged ricotta and the provençal & corsican charcuterie platter for starter. The veloute was warm and silky. The ceps gave a deeper taste to the soup with the rich ricotta giving a luxurious edge. The meat platter was served with pickles and bread. Delicious.

For main course we ordered the roasted cod, figs, salsify & port sauce and the artichokes & marjoram ravioli, san marzano & pecorino. The dishes come out quite small but very beautiful – like a picture – with the ingredients well thought out. My cod flaked apart when touched with a fork and worked with the salsify, yet the figs and port sauce were a little too over powering for me. The ravioli were huge and we were served with three or four. The articoke marjoram was heavenly scented and tasted divine but we would have liked to see more on the plate – I realise it was lunch time but it was so delicious it felt a little disappointing.

Service was smart and professional – with small chat and a smile. We were regularly topped up with water (no fun drinkie poos) and asked only occasionally how the food was for politeness sake. We didn’t want a dessert but then we had a long wait before we could catch someone’s eye for the bill. A real pet hate for me is when waiters know you are finished so forget about you, which is very awkward when waiting for the bill.

The food quality is high but a little more generosity would not go a miss, the atmosphere was smart and relaxed and finally the service was smart and professional – if not little vacant.

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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