The Table Cafe

Table Restaurant

This small, modern restaurant is based in Southwark -10 minutes walk from Waterloo does – great modern English classics with a twist. It prides itself on good quality ingredients. We have been to The Table before for an art event and wine tasting evening – it’s worth signing up to their newsletter to stay abreast of their latest events.

This place is basically cube shape with a long narrow kitchen at one end, and glass windows all around. This gives the place a modern, light feel which suits the place.

We were seated on one of the large bench tables that are in the centre of the room – there are a few separate tables in the corners but these are few and far between. We came on a sunny day and there is seating outside at the back of the restaurant which was nice to see.

The waiter who sat us down looked stressed and slightly confused throughout; I was desperately thirsty and it took me a long time to get his attention despite it only being half busy. Once we got the water we ordered our brunch. I ordered the sweet corn fritters with the tomato salsa and poached egg, whilst my friend ordered the cheese burger. They had sold out of the smoothie that we wanted so we both decided on pots of tea.

Once we had ordered the food came out swiftly – it seemed to me that the kitchen staff were more efficient than the waiters – and there was clear attention to the presentation. My sweet corn fritters were delicious; crispy served with the limey salsa and runny egg. This combination just worked with the sourness of the salsa, the creaminess of the egg and sweetness of the corn. The textures were also a treat for the mouth. The burger was huge; held together with a wooden stick, it towered over the plate. The burger was cooked to our liking – medium rare – and the cheese bubbled over the filing. We have to say the menu really did stand out to us, as although it would entice the traditionalist, the team have gone out of their way to ensure that each dish is memorable and works in, taste, texture and presentation.

As mentioned the service is a little slow and lacks confidence – this may have been a new menu/new staff thing- but the food really stood out. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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  1. Hi all, thanks for the review. (Those photos are mightily out-of-date though, we haven’t had the salad counter in the restaurant since 2011, and that chalk board was around years before that; ahh memories..) Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to provide you with new ones.

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