Maison Bertaux


Maison Bertaux is London’s oldest patisserie based in Soho on Greek Street. It is a small unassuming cafe which is easy to walk by – but this would be a mistake. This traditional French patisserie makes a huge range of cakes and pastries throughout the day which are lovingly displayed in the counter window.

We came here after a lunch in a nearby restaurant as we wanted a truly satisfying dessert. It was a warm day so we managed to find a space on one of the tables outside of the cafe – these get busy on warm days – and we looked through the window deciding on our chosen desert. Inside there is a small counter and seating area and seats upstairs. This place is famous between the French ex-pats and now the British who adore continental deserts.

We ordered teas and coffee along with a vanilla creme, raspberry tart and the berry cheese cake. The vanilla creme was filled with fresh thick cream with a thick layer of sugared icing on top. The raspberry tarts were filled with cream and juicy plump raspberries on top. My cheesecake was thick and airy rather than the heavy New York cheesecake and toped with jellied fresh berries.

Atmosphere is relaxed and depending on the weather you really do feel like you are in the heart of France. It’s is not pretentious but relied on the quality of their cakes. Delicious. Sex Drugs and Bacons Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars



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