Le Coq


Grown-up Chicken Rotisserie is here in London officially and it is far from the idea of Nando’s. Le Coq is beautiful little place is based in Angel Islington and gives you the option of two starters, one main and two deserts. Unsurprisingly the main course is otisserie chicken but the starters, sides and desserts change bi-weekly and are all seasonal. Fabulous!

The décor is very plain with white tiles on the walls and crisp wooden furniture, which reflects the simple menu. The kitchen to the side shows off the rotisserie fire. The service has the feel of a start up  – friendly, simple and passionate about their dishes.

For starter we chose the Swiss raclette with figs and gurkens as well as the duck hearts – you have to be adventurous right? Well okay I admit the hearts looked like little human hearts, which was slightly off putting and tasted of liver – not my favourite – but were  lovingly paired with balsamic  vinegar and roasted onions. The raclette was salty, savoury and oaky – absolutely delicious. The dishes are ideal for sharing being simple and hearty.

The chicken came out with de-boned breast (win!) legs and thighs. Again this was plated to share and allowed those to choose the part of the chicken they most prefer (I am a breast girl if you want to know). This was served with a light green salad and a really tangy hollandaise sauce. Perfection.

For dessert they usually offer ice cream/sorbet or a tart- again changes bi-weekly. I ordered the lemon sorbet and my fellow dinner ordered the lemon tart. The tart was rich and creamy and the sorbet was light.

We love this place, the staff are down to earth and pleasant, the food is simple but top notch and the atmosphere is casual and trendy. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                     Service

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars


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