Clockjack‏ Oven


Regular readers will know that we love a good rotisserie restaurant. This new restaurant is based in Piccadilly and surprisingly is only frequented by locals – maybe as it is unassuming frontage. The restaurant is small and very low key with striking red and cream walls with cartoon scribbles of chickens.

We were seated on a wooden bench type table and ordered glasses of sparkling. The waiter was not confident and the orders were taken a little rushed – which led to a couple of confusions with our dishes.

We ordered baked bread and the chicken and chorizo skewers. These came out quickly and were piping hot. The chicken – although slightly over cooked – was marinated in the chorizo juice therefore was fairly tender. The chorizo was spicy with a nice heat to it.

For main course, we ordered two quarter chickens and the roasted vegetables. The chicken was juicy, well cooked and generous however half of the Mediterranean vegetables were cold and some warm. We complained about this but were told that it was normal. So why were some of the vegetables luke warm?

The chicken was served with a cup of the jus which lightens the heavy protein packed dish. As stated the service is nervous yet efficient, food is tasty and well priced and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. As a result; Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

             Food                             Service                     Atmosphere
3 Stars2 Stars2 Stars


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