We went to a Maltese Café in Hammersmith with our Maltese friend (a shocker I know). This small cafe served classic Maltese dishes that were traditionally and quite hearty. Service is amazing – the Maltese are very friendly.

They have a small and perfecting crowd of diners. We looked through the breakfast/bruch menu as well as the specials board – which looked fabulous. I decided on the mushroom omelette while my Maltese friends ordered the Pastizzi which is a mushy pea/ricotta tart and the Qassatat which is tuna, spinach & anchovy savoury pastry.

The omelette was light but did have a lot of cheese in it which I didn’t expect (or want), the tuna pastry was delicious, very well spiced and full of flavour. The pea and ricotta triangle was nice but a little too heavy for lunch.

On an aside, I went to the toilet and managed to get locked in. Apparently this is normal – really? If I were the owners I would sort out. Rather annoying – and affected my thoughts of place (although bloke did talk me through how to escape). Very awkward!

Maltese food is heavy but luxurious, we really loved. Service is incredibly polite. The atmosphere is simple (cafe like) but the home made, authentic food coupled with the personal service makes us think twice.

           Food                              Service                       Atmosphere

3 Stars3 Stars Star



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