Rivington Grill


We have fancied The Rivington Grill for a long time – not only as it’s in our favourite area of Shoreditch but it has a reputation for its good meat – not unlike the fantastic Tramshed opposite.

We came here for lunch as it was close to the office and we fancied a change. We walked into the old building which has high ceilings and large heavy sliding wooden doors and were welcomed by a cheerful waiter who seated us. The restaurant was not busy but had a good vibe; tables are spread out sparsely which is a refreshing change allowing diners to eat in peace without hearing other diners drivel.

We ordered the watercress soup with duck egg and the rabbit terrine for starter which was expertly recommended by the waiter. There was a little wait but once out we certainly weren’t disappointed! The terrine was served with crispy bread and was firm yet spreadable and had a strong game flavour. The watercress soup was tasty – bitter yet creamy with the large duck egg adding richness to the soup.

For main course I went for a vegetarian option (unusually for me) which was mushroom sausages with onion salad. Now I have to say it was well presented and well cooked however – and it’s an unfortunate however – I am really not a big cheese fan – and the sausages were full of stringy cheese. I just found it difficult to stomach. The sausages were covered in slight breadcrumbs and as I said were lovely – if you like cheese.

My fellow diner had the whole roasted sea bass. Now I need to tell you that they were from overseas and clearly had never ate a fish on the bone. They managed to literally cut through the whole spin and not take the meat off the bone. They were then surprised to find that they had a load of bones in their mouth. Completely awkward for me as I then had to try and keep a polite conversation going while they were picking bones out of their mouth! I did end up filleting the meat for them as it was so painful. Sorry I digress despite this, the fish was well cooked – slightly over done for my liking but only slightly and was served with capers and tomatoes.

Service was friendly yet extremely professional, the atmosphere relaxed yet formal and food was lovingly put together. I still do think there meat dishes are particularly strong.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

           Food                                Service                         Atmosphere

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars


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