The Jones Family Project

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We went to Jones Family Project for a team get together’ as it was close to the office and hell it sounded trendy. Note to self: never judge a restaurant by its name like you never judge a book by its cover. No I am being harsh; this place is nicely snuggled in between Shoreditch and Old Street. The restaurant has a ground floor and basement. The ground floor seemed to be more casual, better suited for coffees, drinks and nibbles and the basement was designed for the diners – as far as I could see anyway.

We came here for lunch and were taken downstairs into a huge dining room that has slightly different themes in each section of the room. Some areas seemed post modern others organic and we were seated on green velvet benches at the end of the restaurant. It was different but not unpleasant.

We were seated by a friendly waitress who asked for our drink orders. They have a great cocktail and wine list and the food selection is not half bad either. They have a nice selection of charcuterie board, steak tartare and the famous Burrata cheese on Bruschetta. We had a bit of a wait for our starters to come out but it allowed our group to catch up. When the starters did come out we were satisfied with the quality and taste on the whole. The charcuterie platter was traditional yet varied in types of sliced meat, the tartare lacked spice but was good in texture and size and the Burrata went well with the rich roasted tomatoes and tart capers.

Now the cracks started to appear, we had ordered the burger, the fish of the day and the fillet steak and although it was not a busy service we were left waiting for over 45 minutes after we had finished our starters. It took a good 20 minutes to flag the waitress down to let her know we were finished. The issue is the dining room is so spread out with areas in different nooks and crannies that what is needed is a waiter per area. I guess as it was a quiet day they decided to have a reduced number of staff for the whole dining area, who seemingly ignored us. This really did sour our enjoyment of the place and although our main courses were cooked well the service just ruined our enjoyment. Again when the plates were cleared we asked for coffees and the bill and again the wait continued. Half the team had to leave while the others stayed as we had not expected our lunch to run on this long – it was not even heavily boozy.

I am afraid to say the service really needed a good shake up, which is a shame for a trendy place with great drinks and food menu. Maybe a dinner service would be better as there may be more staff on. Please do let us know if you ever had a different experience at Family Jones project dear readers.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

           Food                              Service                    Atmosphere

3 Stars Star3 Stars


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