Chino – Park Plaza Riverbank London


We had a work event in the hotel so arranged for lunch and tea in the restaurant and bar area. We had booked around three weeks in advance but when we arrived the flustered waiter clearly did not have our name down but after an awkward five minutes sat us down at a table for two- we had booked and said two minutes before that this was for three. The dizzy waiter then succeeded in putting the menus in front of our face – like a wall – which ensured that we could see nothing other than the font of the menu. It was rather funny. We ordered water and were asked if we wanted to order. As we were waiting for another we declined – which did not stop the hapless waiter asking us another time. Bless him he did try to please but failed so badly.

Our other diner arrived and we gave her the menu to avoid the awkward ‘menu fortress’. The waiter clearly decided not to come over to us to ask our order- even though we were now a team. Finally we got the attention of a more capable waitress who took our order; miso soup and  crispy duck, cucumber, chilli, spring onion & hoisin sauce for starter. For main course we ordered three dishes; fillet steak on sizzling black  rocks, monkfish tail, yuzu kusho dressing, yuzu jelly and the Thai Panang curry served with crinkled vegetables.

The food was delicious, well cooked, seasoned and presented. The steak came out sizzling for a good five minutes and cooked as it sat on the scolding rocks. The curry was thick and came out with fragrant rice. The crisp vegetables were fried and added extra depth to the dish. The monkfish was meaty and well cooked with the slightly sweet yet salty dressing. We did all agree however the dishes came out in a sporadic order which was not ideal. The attention to detail was great. Our drinks were topped up on an ad hoc basis – basically when the waitress noticed us, not when the energetic male waiter did.

Its’ a shame as this place tries hard; atmosphere is very feng shu, food is top notch but when the service is almost comic like (I would compare to Faulty Towers) it’s not worth it. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

           Food                            Service                        Atmosphere 4 Stars Star3 Stars chinobeef

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