Chez Elles‏


Chez Elles is a French bistroquet located in the heart of Brick Lane and subtly located between a news agents and an Indian sweet shop. Entering the restaurant, the decor is an odd combination of shabby chic designed by Toulouse La lautrec and Alice in Wonderland combined. It is kind of sweet in a strange kind of way.

We were seated by a nervous French waiter (all of the staff are French which we loved) and we ordered drinks – he got these wrong as he really did struggle with English but his passion to please and accent made us forgive him in an instance.

There is a set lunch menu and we ordered the pate, the artichoke and celeriac soup and the goat’s cheese salad. The soup was thick and creamy and full of flavour and the goat’s cheese salad was surprisingly satisfying. One of the pates did not come out and now I do not blame the service, unfortunately one of the other people at our table (I will not mention names) ordered a dessert instead of a starter but had a mind blank  when the waiter came to ask if she ordered my dish and said yes, so I had to ask for another pate.

For main course, we ordered duck confit with dauphinois potatoes, the mushroom tart and the tartare – a favourite of mine – however the texture was too course for my liking and included too many pickles and capers to be enjoyable. The waiter did ask if we enjoyed the meal as the two people who ordered the tartare had not eaten much of the dish. I appreciated that.

I have to say I would not make a special visit to go again the food was fresh and traditional, the décor cute although slightly random and the service a little confused at times but always friendly.

As a result Sex Drugs and Bacons Rolls gives this place:

            Food                             Service                           Atmosphere

3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars



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