The Delaunay‏


Having heard the buzz around The Delaunay, we thought it was about time we gave it a try. This restaurant classes itself as a ‘Grand European Restaurant’ and it certainly lives up to this. The food menu hosts a series of Belgium, German, Hungarian, Austrian and English dishes which are set in the grand brasserie restaurant. The decor is more British with dark oak tables, golden trimmings and some amazing oil paintings. You do need to book in advance as it is quite popular, with a constant buzz of breakfast, lunch, afternoon teas and dining customers. As an aside the afternoon tea did look delicious.

We were seated at one of the booth tables with the crisp white table clothes and napkins and were given the all day menu and extensive wine list. We ordered a bottle of Hungarian Shraz – it tasted better the more we drank, put it that way. For starter we ordered the beetroot and goats cheese salad and the roast squash salad. The beetroot salad was served with a vinegar dressing and hazel nuts which added to the overall texture. The squash dish was served with nicely cooked quail eggs which were still liquid in the centre and ran over the artichokes and pecorino which was also part of the dish. Our waitress was clearly from the DACH region based on her accent which was  brisk and efficient in nature.

Our main course we ordered the wiener schnitzel and roast scallops and prawns. The schnitzel was not served with sides so we ordered chips and spinach. The schnitzel was a little dry – a common issue with schnitzels I find, but was well seasoned and not overly rich. The scallops and prawns were served with a cauliflower puree, artichokes and paprika oil giving a spicy kick. The seafood was well cooked although a little oily for my liking.

 Overall we were satisfied with the menu but we are not a huge fan of the dishes from that area of Europe. The service was very German in its straightforwardness which was a refreshing change and the decor is grand and inviting – I would say this is more British than European in style. Final thing, we loved the postcards of the restaurant in black and white that you can purchase which has an honesty box.

                  Food                           Service                     Atmosphere

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