Tas – Southwark


Tas is a traditional Turkish restaurant which has a number of outlets across London. Don’t let this not put you off as they do try to make the food as authentic as possible however the atmosphere has a slightly chain restaurant feel as tables are very close together and there is a quick turnaround service. We went to the Southwark restaurant which was incredibly busy but we managed to get a table with only a ten minute wait.

We were squeezed on to table between two other small tables; firstly it was hard getting in and out but most importantly we overheard the conversations of the two couples on either side of us. Actually we got chatting with one of the couples as we were so close but it really isn’t ideal.

We ordered a meze which included a whole host of dips and pitta bread, this included humus, taziki, artichoke hearts cooked in olive oil with carrots, tarama salata etc. These were lovely and came out quickly but because of the fast turn around and buzz of place we felt like the dips would come out of great buckets – as I said it tasted good but lacked finesse.

This was then followed by our mixed grill which was served with a small round of tomato couscous. This included lamb chops, beef and chicken pieces in a spicy seasoning. This course was less satisfying as the meat was all over cooked and the couscous lacked any real flavour. The food really felt like it was conveyer belt and just shoved on the plate. The issue here is that there is just so many customers and so food needs to be cooked and made in bulk.

Service is very fast and so therefore lacks any social elements or small pleasantries but that suited us fine as we don’t like over friendly waiters. Over all we find the food is less ‘authentic’ than it first appeared to be looking at their site but half of the reason for this is down to the sheer amount of tables they serve each night. The decor is unremarkable but being so close to other diners is uncomfortable.

               Food                             Service                      Atmosphere

2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

mixed grill

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