We love a good fish restaurant so we decided to try Pescatori on Charlotte Street.  Situated amongst the many restaurants, Pescatori has a laid back Mediterranean look to it. The entrance is long and narrow and we were lead to the back of the restaurant. The back restaurant is split by a large pillar and there is a dining area at the front of the restaurant too which allows the place to feel cozier than one large restaurant.

Of course the menu is full of a delicious selection of Mediterranean seafood, so we ordered a selection for starter that we could try a range of dishes. These included crab and avocado on toasted bread, scallops and cauliflower truffle, squid with gremolata & sausage and vegetable tempura. The crab was tasty and went well with the creamy avocado, the scallops were a favourite of mine with a thick coral and deliciously tender. The squid and red meat complemented each other and the tempura was a light relief from the seafood. All were very tasty and well presented, my only slight criticism is that there were no unusual dishes/combinations on the menu that excited or shocked. Our waiter seemed busy (although the restaurant wasn’t packed) as we had to wait a long while for our plates to be taken away and this was to be a running theme throughout our meal.

For main course I went for the grilled salmon, super salad of spinach, pomegranate, avocado and boiled egg which was a great choice as I was trying to watch weight and fancied something healthy. The salmon was well cooked. The salad was delicious with the red jewels from the pomegranate but I felt the avocado and boiled egg were unnecessary. The others ordered the monkfish with mussels, clams & new potatoes which was served with a seafood sauce and the huge dish of seafood spaghetti which was enormous. The spaghetti was served with artichokes and walnuts which gave more depth to the dish.

 The food was delicious and had a huge variety of ingredients – I would go as far as to say maybe too much in some dishes. The décor was Mediterranean which made it a perfect place for a relaxing meal however this was ruined slightly by the service. The waiter was hardly at our table which meant we had to wait a long time for our dishes to be taken away, menus to be given and finally an appallingly long time for the bill. He just never seemed to be around! As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

                   Food                          Service                       Atmosphere

4 Stars2 Stars3 Stars



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